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Pricing based on more for less!

Mixing the right ingredients to produce an amazing sauce for your business.

Pricing based on more for less!

Mixing the right ingredients to produce an amazing sauce for your business.

Spending More On Marketing Than You Are Getting Back In Customers?

Your marketing agency is likely not combining enough local seo, social media marketing and content marketing that meets your budget. Our packages are designed specifically for your target market, which directly reflect the volume of work needed for success, making our program affordable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can still receive high placement, leads, and phone calls for additional visibility. Most large markets demand more content, more social activity, and more local authority to compete. However, there are billions of local searches every month and stronger, more visible placement on Google's first page will generate a successful return on investment, which we are committed to providing with larger packages.

It's true, we can build a new website with fresh content to ensure your site is at its maximum potential to convert visitors. Often, however, we have clients who love their website and do not want a new one. We have two options with this setup: 1) we can build a niche specific campaign that augments your current website, 2) we can simply enhance what you currently have with our industry best practices. This includes connecting our innovative, inbound marketing software, content enhancements, and blog management.

Google and other search engines are making it harder for websites to rank quickly. Now, it takes 6 months of continuous content creation, blog management, and social media outreach to become an authority in your niche. We understand that your focus should be on your business, not managing social media, content creation, email campaigns, phone tracking and recording, and all other aspects of your digital profile geared toward generating online leads. To maintain results, achieve a successful return on investment, and showcase your business as the local expert, you need a 360-degree digital marketing campaign. We know, after supporting 1000s of local businesses, that it takes 6 months, at least, to rank on the first page of Google using this strategy

The difference between each package can be quantified by the amount of services leveraged. Meaning: more articles, more blog posts, more social media activity, more quality link exposure, more of everything that helps you rank. Although our packages are designed for small, medium and large markets, many of our clients start out with the AdvTrack packages. As soon as they see all the positive results, they upgrade to get more of the good stuff

This package is extremely popular and many of our clients begin with this option. We set up your business website design, create high quality content, build on-page optimization, design your business blog, write autoresponder messages, manage the email marketing design, incorporate local SEO, utilize geo-target marketing, curate local social marketing, implement ROI tracking, and configure our ILX Conversion Technology. At the end of 30 days you will have an extremely powerful marketing vehicle, kick started, with the keys in the ignition. You or your team, can then maintain your internet presence including your website, blogging, and tracking platform. At any point, if you need IgnitedLocal to continue marketing, you can quickly and easily upgrade to any of our other packages.

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